Spring Jobs in the Pond

Spring pond maintenance

pond maintenance
Let us do the dirty work for you
Pond maintenance
Pond maintenance

This is a general list of jobs you should be ticking off in the Spring.

If you would like us to do any, or all, of them for you, please just ask. james@jraqualandscapes.co.uk or call us on 07914 143 075

  • The water starts to get warmer at this time of year, bringing any garden water features back to life. This is the best time for you to sort out general maintenance on your pond, filters, pump and pond liner to prepare for a healthy season for your fish and plants
  • Do you have an old fashioned hand water pump fountain and the pump was turned off in the winter months – now is the time to reinstall it.
  • If your pumps and filters have been running through the winter months, they will need a thorough clean
  • Remove any debris that has fallen into your pond including shelves. If left it will cause a rise in nutrient levels, which can lead to all sorts of problems, including algae growth. Use a pond vacuum or a special skimmer net to remove any mouldy leaves and other debris. Do not overdo this, as over-cleaning can upset the natural balance and algae can get out of control
  • Test your pond water. I am happy to do all the necessary checks and ‘fine tuning’ needed to keep your pond water healthy. Just contact me and enquire.
  • I can advise on specialist maintenance of any filters and aerators, as they are needed most during warmer weather.
  • Check your filters for leaks and proper flow rate. Are they blocked?
  • As the water warms fish become hungry and start to swim to the surface looking for food. At temperatures between 5°C and 10°C  fish can be fed low protein foods, such as wheatgerm. Above 10°C, they can be fed general fish pellets.
  • Add any new plants you have bought or repot and feed existing plants before returning them to your pond. Remember to make sure they are repotted in special aquatic soil.