Pond Maintenance

Looking after your pond is essential to make sure the water and any fish or plants you may have live heathy lives.  It is therefore essential to carry out regular maintenance to keep it clean and healthy and to remove the sludge, waste and detritus  that builds up over time.  In order for your pond’s eco system to work correctly all elements within the pond, the fish, plants and filtration need to work in harmony with each other and this is achieved by carrying out regular maintenance.

Many people do not understand or simply do not have the time for the regular maintenance and servicing that a pond requires. A garden pond without regular maintenance and care can be unhealthy and actually a bit of an eyesore.

We specialize in pond building,construction, cleaning, maintenance and servicing of ponds.

With our experience you can expect a crystal clear pond.

JR Aqua Landscapes offers a range of maintenances which cover all types of pond, fountain and water feature cleaning.  Further details are available on application